It's like Getting a facial for Your Hair!

Originally developed in Japan and influenced by Indian Ayurveda, our head spa interweaves elements of traditional rituals and advanced therapeutic methods. Experience ancestral mysticism and sensory indulgence.

Welcome to the serene and intimate

Indulge in centuries-old Ayurvedic hair treatments enhanced by our private blend of nutrient-rich clays, fragrant herbs and soothing oils.

Your Treatment Starts With A Holistic Consultation

Our personalized, fresh custom-made treatments address a variety of needs ranging from dry, itchy, oily scalps to clogged follicles, irritation, thinning hair, and hair loss.

We derive our inspiration from African ancestral beauty therapies from the Basara (Chebe), Amhara (Sheruba), Fulani (Mai Shanu) and Yoruba (Irun didi, Shuku) tribes.

We blend these therapies with Indian Ayurveda massage and Japanese pressure point practices to heal, nourish and rejuvenate your hair from root to tip. 

Your Head Spa Ceremony

A personal consultation allows us to suggest one of our treatments for your Blumseed ceremony.

STEP 1 CONSULTATION: Analysis of scalp and hair in order determine and create a personalized treatment.

STEP 2 WELCOME MASSAGE: A head, neck and shoulder massage to stimulate blood circulation in preparation for the ceremony.

STEP 3 CUSTOM TREATMENT: Your personalized treatment prepared and mixed fresh, based on your hair/ scalp analysis, needs and goals.

HEAD MASSAGE: Your customized treatment applied to your hair, massaged into your head and scalp.

STEP 5 DEEP CONDITIONING THERAPY: Opening your follicles by wrapping the head in a hot towel and allowing the nutrients and minerals in your customized treatment to further penetrate the scalp and hair. [Note: Only for the Blumseed “Signature” treatment]

STEP 6 TONIC APPLICATION: A tonic applied to further strengthen and protect the scalp and hair for weeks to come.

STEP 7 HERBAL TEA RITUAL: An aromatic herbal tea served to complete your ceremony. 

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