Welcome Back to Hair Love!

Infuse vitality and nourishment into your hair and scalp, drawing inspiration from the timeless traditions of the Caribbean.

Ingredient Promise

  • Plant Based

    Natural ingredients to nourish the hair and skin..

  • Cruelty Free

    No animal testing or pesticides.

  • Vegan

    Safe and friendly formula.

  • Toxic Free

    No chemicals added.

welcome back to hair love!

Your scalp is the soil, your hair is the bloom – cultivate love for a vibrant crown

This potent formula is meticulously designed to enhance hair density, repair, and fortify your hair from root to tip.

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how did it all begin?

Our Story

—a careful blend of herbs and a patient wait for their essence to infuse the elixirs with nutritive magic.

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My husband is a mega fan of this product so much that he refused to go on vacation without it. We were down to the last drop 3 days before our departure and he was adamant about getting 2 more bottles of this miracle Hair Growth Oil. Fortunately, Zakiyyah accommodated my last-minute request and promptly shipped it, allowing us to receive the package just in time before heading to the airport. Thank you for saving my marriage, Zakiyyah! lol. The power of this product is just truly evident and unmatched. The way it grows, repairs, shines, strengthens our hair and leaves it looking full and healthy is amazing! I also love that all the natural ingredients are handwritten on the front of the bottle...now that's personal touch. We definitely recommend that you buy it now...and you can thank us later :)


This oil is amazing. Full of goodness for hair. It’s food for your hair. It’s amazingly good. I am sinking into this goodness. It’s nourish, firming, and growing my hair. It’s been only 14 days and my edges has started growing in. Thank you Blumseed!

Dory C.

I have tried many hair growth oils and this is the first one that actually works.

Lisa R.

It has been just one month, and I can already see new growth along my edges. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing hair oil. This will definitely be my staple.

Leslie A.

Smells good, my hair soaks it up and I can apply a small amount daily. I grew with my mom using henna and other powders for our skin and hair so I can tell you these are the best curated herbs ands oil. I can’t wait to see the results in a few months!

Fadumo M.

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