Personalized hair care
for women of color

Personalized hair care
for women of color

Welcome To Your Inspired Natural Hair Journey

4b4c, textured, kinky, curly! The days of not knowing what to call your hair, how to celebrate and care for her are over. From root to tip, personalized hair care that’s as diverse, uncompromising and deserving of attention as you.

About Us

I loved the products!!! My favorite was
the Peppermint + Sage hair clay!
- Dez Naomi, Beauty
Made Simple, Top
Natural Hair Blogger.

Why Blumseed?

Soothe itchy, distressed scalp, retain moisture and increase hair porosity.

Grow long, luscious hair, improve your scalp’s condition and hair structure.

Define an everyday hair regimen just for you to detangle and deep condition. 

Personalize Your Hair Journey: Head Spa

How it works

no Obligation Consultation

By answering a few simple questions, we assess your hair story, lifestyle and hair & scalp goals to get an accurate hair profile.

Fully personalized regimen

We analyze the information provided to determine the indulgent haircare ceremony for you, then personalize your treatment with our private blend of nutrient-rich clays, fragrant herbs and soothing oils.

relentless pursuit of care and performance

We strive for education and information in  pursuing the best application of ingredients to provide even better hair care performance 

The Blumseed Experience

Soothe itchy, destressed scalp and retain moisture with our signature BlumCare® treatment.

Grow long, luscious hair, hair structure and improve your scalp's condition by choosing this Blumseed favourite, the BlumLong® treatment.

Incorporate the BlumMaintain® to detangle, deep condition and moisturize as part of your everyday hair regimen.

Escape to hair bliss with the Blumseed “Signature” treatment designed to meet your specific scalp and hair needs. 

Indulge in the ultimate Head Spa treatment with our Blumseed "Ambunu-Chad" treatment. Incorporating specific elements of authentic African ancestral hair therapies and our state of the art micro-mist to increase moisture retention, elasticity and hair growth.

Let our specialist customize a treatment to your specific hair needs. Relieve breakage, detox and increase circulation, stimulate and restore health. 

All treatments help detox the scalp and hair to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Blumseed offers the most amazing head spa services for women of color in the world. We are proud to be the very first head spa in Canada for kinky, coily, curly hair. Our spa menu is structured to allow guests create personalized experiences based on hand-picked treatment themes for their indulgent Blumseed hair ceremony.

- Zakiyyah Alexander, Founder, Blumseed


After getting the discovery set with my last order, I had to buy all the full sizes right away. My hair has been loving your products ❤️

- Desirée Grant

Love how peppermint makes my scalp feel 💛😩

- nordiah.lavita

 I used the Botanical Rhassoul Clay Hair Wash: Rose and Hibiscus yesterday and I am speechlessssss. Moisture✅ Hydrating✅ Clarify✅ Curl Poppin ✅ I am in love. 💖

- iesha

My hair is healthy and it feels amazing. I’ve been receiving endless compliments. I feel great!

- Jaiden. G

I opted for the detox express to treat my scalp and the dryness, and I kid you not, I left with supple hair... I can see changes already!

- Aline. B

I absolutely love love love love love your products!