8 Secrets to waist length hair

Blumseed Team - Mar 22 2020

It sounds like it’s just not possible, doesn’t it? That kinky, curly, coily hair, that naturally shrinks up on itself, causing it to look shorter than it really is. Tricking you into believing that “your hair don’t grow”, no matter what you do. Don’t believe that shrinking false impression. With lots of love, patience and a tried & tested regimen, your kinky/ curly hair when pulled, will one day kiss your waist ever so gently!

There are 8 Secrets to achieving waist length hair so lets get right into it!

Secret #1
Washing your hair once a week with a “ Natural Shampoo” that is nutrient filled.

Nutrient rich shampoos, such as clay shampoos, are packed with natural ingredients that maintain your scalp pH and hair health. Rhassoul is my favourite clay natural shampoo because it is very moisturizing and has antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It exfoliates, removing deadskin, balances sebum secretion thereby treating dandruff, the cause of hair fall when left untreated.

Secret #2
Deep Conditioning helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends.

Dry, brittle hair can snap and break with tension causing your hair to remain at the same length. Natural shampoos help prevent by improving hair elasticity. Rhassoul clay repairs and renews by nourishing the skin and scalp tissue cells with pro-vitamins and trace minerals such as silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Secret #3
After washing your hair try the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method or LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method.

These techniques helps to guard the hair against breakage and lock in moisture. I love using my aloe vera, water and rose water mix as my liquid, the Herbal Hair Oil and Peppermint + Sage Hair Butter from BLUMSEED. The LOC method works wonders for me!

Secret #4
Massage! Massage! Massage!

This step is golden and can just be the one secret to give you the extra millimetre of hair growth each month. A scalp massage encourages blood circulation, which stimulates her growth.

Secret #5
Protect your hair at night!

Using a silk or satin scarf before going to bed, helps to protect your hair from breakage. Take it a step further by spritzing your hair with equal parts water, rose water and aloe vera juice, plus some of your favourite hair oil. The hair oils seals in all that goodness and gives your hair an “all-night treatment”. Wake up to soft, healthy, nourished locks!

Secret #6
Eating a well-balanced diet.

Good nutrition equals good hair! A diet filled with raw fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and natural fats provides your hair follicles with essential nutrients it needs to grow.

Secret #7
Add a supplement as part of your hair regimen if you want “Blumseed Mode” hair growth.

This will boost the nutrient supply to your hair follicle. Supplements like Biotin ( b-7 vitamin) help to stimulate her growth and enhances elasticity in the hair cortex which helps to combat hair breakage. Vitamin C supplements, helps to strengthen the hair shaft and follicles, preventing hair breakage and thereby aiding faster hair growth. Silica is great for the development of almost every part of your body. Silica has alkalizing properties that help to improve your hair texture and health. Almost all of the trace minerals that Silica helps balance are factors in treating hair loss.

Secret #8
Protect your hair with protective styles.

This helps to give your hair a rest from the everyday manipulations. Less is more in this case! Just remember to braid with little tension or else all your hard work would be put to waist.

Achieving hair length envy is only 8 steps away and with patience and consistency you can achieve it too. Pour lots of love into each secret step and you will see the fruits of your hair regimen, flourish into beautiful waist length hair.