5 Amazing benefits of steam treating your hair

Blumseed Team - Aug 15 2020

Dry hair is the number one cause of itchy scalp and predictably it is the number one characteristic of type 4 (kinky, coily, curly) hair. Type 4 hair is not efficient in transporting Sebum, the natural oil your body produces to coat, moisturize, and protect your scalp and give your hair its sheen.

An effective way to care for dry scalp and hair prone to dryness that is often over looked is “Steaming”. You might ask, what is Steaming?

“Steaming is the process of using moist heat to help open up the hair follicle, lift the cuticle on the hair shaft and allow conditioner and treatments to penetrate each strand to allow better absorption of moisture,” explains award-winning afro hair stylist, Charlotte Mensah. “Steaming is one of the best things you can do to pamper your hair, as the heat aids in hydrating dry hair leaving your parched hair happy.”

Consider it a facial for your hair, agrees Jack Fitzpatrick, colourist and hair and scalp treatment expert at Windle London. “It also opens the pores of the scalp to remove impurities and product build up,” he says.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding steam treatments to your hair regimen:

Improves moisture retention and elasticity: The best type of moisture for hair is water and steam is heated water. By steaming the scalp, you lift up the hair cuticles pumping moisture directly to your shaft which helps hydrate your hair improving elasticity and manageability.

If you have low porosity hair, this is essential for your natural hair journey. Steaming is also a wonderful routine to develop as we get into the colder months with its characteristic lack of air moisture.

Stimulates hair growth: It improves the scalp’s circulation, encouraging blood flow and thereby Sebum secretion at the source of healthy hair growth. Steaming increases the free flow of this natural oil on your scalp, allowing an environment conducive to long, healthy hair.

Cleanses and unclogs pores: Since steaming can loosen the dead skin cells on your scalp, it can also remove product buildup and unclog pores that can slow down your hair growth.

Steaming the hair and scalp on a regular basis helps release toxins from the natural environment and increase collagen production to the scalp. The collagen level and increased blood flow that results in a healthy naturally shiny scalp.

Allows for greater absorption and penetration: It is often difficult for oils and conditioners to be absorbed due to the curl pattern of type 4 hair styles. Steaming the hair opens up cuticles allowing your scalp + hair to be nourished, making it easier to infuse products into the hair to maintain supple flexible strands.

Enhanced curl definition: If you are seeking a lot of definition, the increased moisture retention will support an enhanced curl pattern, clumping throughout the length of the strands. Steaming will not change your hair texture but it will boost your curls and leave your hair looking better.

The big takeaway...

The results of steam therapy treatments are both long lasting and beneficial for the overall strength and development of your scalp + hair.

We go one step further at Blumseed: Introducing the Yume Spa Mist II

The biggest advantage of the Spa Mist II is that it incorporates mist rather than steam in scalp treatments.

This is more effective and does less damage thanks to its temperature control.

Additionally, the use of cooling mist seals the hair follicles shut after treatments have penetrated, leading to longer lasting results.

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