Easy Ways To Protect and Maintain Your Natural Hair

Blumseed Team - Mar 28 2021

These interesting times 

has prompted many Naturalistas to start taking the time to explore and learn about their hair. You now have time to create styles to protect and keep your hair healthy. Whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair, you CAN rock a protective style.

We have rounded up 5 protective hairstyles that you should try on your textured hair, but before we dive into the goodies, what are protective hairstyles?

Protective styles
They are hairstyles that keep your hair ends tucked away thereby reducing manipulation and guarding your hair from environmental elements that can result in damage. They play a huge role in the maintenance of textured hair. They help to:

Prevent breakage.
Promote hair growth.
Prevent split ends.
Allow you to try a variety of other styles.

Cornrows have been a thing for the longest while and they are here to stay. Millennials are definitely taking the wearing of cornrows up a notch. They use their imagination and creativity to create amazing cornrow designs that you can’t help but notice.

Defining Characteristics: Cornrows are layers of braids that resemble rows of corn. Each row is separated by a part. They can be super tiny, medium or large.

Feel free to explore with your natural hair or have a professional hairstylist get the job done.

Did somebody say buns! Yes, they are a thing. They are super easy to create and can be worn messy or well defined. They are also great styles to stretch your hair.

Defining Characteristics: These have take from the appearance of puffy round buns and doughnuts.

Faux Hawk
Planning on going to a party or a formal event? This stylized hairstyle is for you. Whether it be casual or formal, this hairstyle accentuates your overall appearance. In just a few minutes you can master the art of rolling, tucking and pinning like a pro.

Defining characteristics: This requires sectioning the hair and making small parts with your fingers. You then roll the hair into a circle or semicircle then tuck it under and secure with hairpins. Viola!

Halo Braid
Some call this style the crown braid. Whatever you call it, its hard to get over how versatile and royal this style truly is. Its create an unforgettable impression in the minds of onlookers. May we say more? Ok, two words-beautiful and elegant.

Defining characteristics: The halo braid is a single circular twist or cornrow that is constructed in a circle. It technically stretches around the parameters of your head crown. What a beauty!

Flat Twists
Like cornrows, you can rock them in any design of your choice. You can choose to wear flat twist small, medium or jumbo sized. You can add some of your favorite accessories to achieve your desired look, for whatever occasion.

Defining Characteristics: These twists have a flat appearance and are designed in rows. They are similar to cornrows; however, cornrows are created with three strands instead of an entire parted section.

The Take Home
Styling and protecting with personality for better manageability. Go ahead and pick one.

And for extra protection and resilience, the Blumseed Herbal Hair oil is a must!

Stay safe, stay human!