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Seal it Up Bundle

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Seal it up bundle will leave your hair feeling hydrated, soft and moisturized. If you are dealing with dry or damaged hair this bundle is for you. Use  this bundle after washing your hair and in the week to give your hair a boost of moisture.

Step 1. Mist hair with the Aloe + Rose Scalp and Hair Revitalizing Mist.

Step 2. Apply the Ginger + Cedar Leave-In Conditioner to the lengths of the hair

Step 3. Apply the Herbal Hair Oil to the lengths of the hair.  This oil can also be applied to the scalp if the scalp is dry,  3-5 drops is recommended.

Note: You can reverse steps 2 and 3 depending on your hair type.

This bundle is recommended for wavy, curly and kinky hair


This set includes:

Aloe + Rose Rejuvenating Hair + Scalp Mist | 4oz

Cedar + Ginger Leave- In Conditioner | 4oz

Herbal Hair Oil | 4oz


With Discount $90.00 | Regular $103 (Save $13.00)

Best For Those With:

* Dry Hair/Scalp
* Hair Breakage 
* Brittle Hair

*Moisturizing *Conditioning *Elasticity