Indulge in centuries-old Ayurvedic hair treatments enhanced by our private blend of nutrient-rich clays, fragrant herbs and soothing oils.

Inspired by traditional African and modern Japanese therapies, we define - and then exceed - every standard in personalized hair care. The benefits of our immersive treatments will stay with you long after you leave.

Soothe itchy, destressed scalp and retain moisture with our signature BlumCare® treatment. 

Grow long, luscious hair, hair structure and improve your scalp's condition by choosing this Blumseed favourite, the BlumLong® treatment.

Incorporate the BlumMaintain® to detangle, deep condition and moisturize as part of your everyday hair regimen.

Escape to hair bliss with the Blumseed “Signature” treatment designed to meet your specific scalp and hair needs. Let our specialist customize a treatment to your specific hair needs. Relieve breakage, detox and increase circulation, stimulate and restore health. 

All treatments help detox the scalp and hair to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Blumseed offers the most amazing head spa services for women of color in the world. We are proud to be the very first head spa in Canada for kinky, coily, curly hair. Our spa menu is structured to allow guests create personalized experiences based on hand-picked treatment themes for their indulgent Blumseed hair ceremony.


    Blum Care/ $65/ 25min
Stimulating and nourishing, this rich, creamy, freshly made coconut milk and aloe vera infused shampoo and conditioner, leaves your hair and scalp cleansed, soft and hydrated. Your scalp is further pampered with a simple head massage to increase relaxation and blood circulation.

Blum Maintain/ $90/ 35 min
A full scalp and hair detox using your hand-picked blend of botanicals, oils and organic base ingredients. This treatment eliminates buildup, toxins and impurities thereby improving your hair health, moisture and shine. It includes a deep scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation.

Blumseed Signature/ $120/ 55min
A nutrient rich custom treatment, made fresh using botanicals, oils and organic base ingredients tailored to your hair and scalp condition. With its particular attention to detail, this made-to-order formula provides the most precious gift to your hair and scalp. It includes a scalp detox, deep scalp massage to stimulate circulation, deep-conditioning therapy using hot herbal infused steam towels, finishing up with a scalp tonic to strengthen your hair. 

Complementary aromatic herbal tea offered at the end of every session.