Using Blumseed Products for your LOC/ LCO Method

Blumseed Team - Feb 22 2021

Dez Naomi, top natural hair blogger, has itchy/ dry scalp.

She used our Rhassoul Clay wash as part of her LCO " full wash day" routine and absolutely loved the soothing, calming feel of the Peppermint + Sage. 

For the "C", our Irish moss + Marshmallow conditioner came in handy. Dez whipped it to a jelly-like consistency, her ideal way to work it in... to really detangle the hair.

Finishing off by sealing the shaft with our hair butter, Dez didn't need her curling cream. A testament to how moisturized her hair was. 

At Blumseed, we support your journey back to hair love.

Click below to catch a glimpse of her experience! 

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